Central Coast Regional Water Board Stakeholder Workshop

September 26, 2018
irrigation management

Last week the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board and staff held a two-day workshop and heard presentations from stakeholders regarding the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP). These presentations were meant to provide meaningful information as staff prepare their recommendations for the new Ag Order 4.0, expected to be implemented in 2020. The first draft is expected in summer 2019.

Growers, farming company representatives, consultants, and association representatives made detailed presentations on nutrient, irrigation and pesticide management, including a segment dedicated to farm management considerations related to food safety. Issues such as sediment control/erosion prevention and utilization of preexisting nitrogen in soil and groundwater continue to be important issues. The Commission and nine other organizations contributed to the farming-related presentations.

Environmental justice activists gave presentations with their priorities and concerns on the second day of the two-day workshop.

The Commission will provide updates about future meeting dates and subject content. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Brown at lbrown@calstrawberry.org or 916.445.3335.