H-2A Housing Discussions Continue in Santa Maria

May 09, 2018
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Although the Santa Maria City Council recently voted to not extend an urgency housing ordinance to restrict residential homes to six H-2A workers per unit, the City is looking for another path to incorporate H-2A into their zoning structure. Town hall meetings are anticipated as early as June, with the public and other interests participating in the discussion of farmworker housing. A housing ordinance will likely result from activity this year which could impact H-2A housing in Santa Maria for the future.

In preparation for this activity, CSC will be meeting with H-2A employers in two weeks in Santa Maria to discuss the timeline and create consensus on a pathway forward. CSC will keep the industry up-to-date on progress, working toward an outcome that could hopefully be satisfactory to all.

If you are interested in participating in this activity or have any questions, please contact Mark Martinez or Laura Brown at the Commission's Public Policy Department at 916.445.3335.