Specialty Crop Research Initiative Survey

December 15, 2017
pest management

Diseases in the Field-How Do They Impact You?
The goal of the survey is to understand how growers make cultivar decisions, what factors guide the decision to grow disease-resistant cultivars, and to understand how large of a problem that diseases are in the
California strawberry industry from an economic perspective.These responses will be used to guide the genomic and breeding efforts of disease-resistant varieties in the
UC Davis strawberry breeding program as part of a large Specialty Crop Research Initiative grant (http://link.calstrawberry.com/45mil0a57) led by Dr. Steve Knapp at the University of California, Davis.
The survey will be available online or in printed format, for those that do not have online access. All responses will be anonymous. Please look for a link or a survey in your mailbox soon.
Your response will be very helpful and impact research activities as the team begins their quest for disease-resistant cultivars and in determining management solutions for the strawberry industry