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Words of Gratitude

“This scholarship gives me a lot of hope to never leave college no matter how challenging college is. I am really thankful that I have this opportunity to have an education which has changed my life in many ways. This fund allows me to be a role model to my siblings so that they can be encouraged to go to college."

– Human Communication Major
CSU Monterey Bay

“I cannot express how much this scholarship has been financially helpful. The funds helped me as an undergraduate and now they are helping me as a graduate student. I am deeply thankful for all this help that has been provided to me throughout my educational journey.”

– Master of Science–Higher Education
Drexel University

“This scholarship is one of the foundations that as a student motivates me to keep thriving in my education. It encourages me to give my best and know that my hard work pays off with rewards like the California Strawberry Scholarship.”

– Sociology Major
Brandman University