Sustaining California Communities

Strawberry farming is responsible for elevating the quality of life throughout California’s central coast. With the best climate in the world for sustainably growing strawberries, California leads the United States and the world in strawberry production. Strawberry farming has a $3.4 billion economic impact in the regions where they grow best, creating jobs and generating revenue beyond the farm. For every farm dollar made, 97 cents is invested back into the community.

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$3.4 Billion Economic Engine


70,000 Jobs

…created as a result of strawberry farming.

$108 Million in annual tax revenue

…supports police, teachers, firefighters and a wide range of essential government programs.

97 cents of every dollar from strawberry farming goes back into the communities where they are grown




Millions of strawberry plant seedlings raised in the Central Valley and Northern California result in job opportunities at nurseries, research institutions and ports, in the cities where they exported worldwide.

blue-california-marker Researchers develop natural varieties of plant seeds at the University of California, Davis.

blue-california-marker Seedlings are grown in nurseries from Stockton to the Oregon border.

blue-california-marker Seedlings are delivered to the Central Coast growing regions