An Elephant Proboscis-Inspired Twisting Actuator for Commercial Strawberry Picking


This project proposes an elephant proboscis-inspired actuator that exhibits an intrinsic twisting motion, mimicking the motion that a human worker uses to pick a strawberry. Elephant trunks are incredibly dexterous organs with a complex muscle structure that enables a variety of motions, including the ability to twist over a large range. This project explores how varying the internal geometry of a pneumatically actuated gripper results in a variation in the intrinsic motion of the actuator. Soft actuators offer a promising solution to challenges that automated fruit picking devices face by grasping fruit gently, preventing damage, and offering greater flexibility when it comes to developing control systems.

Additional Resources

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Meet the Researchers


Ping-Chun Chiang
Emily Lathrop
Aditya Vasan

UC San Diego Graduate Program

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