Grade K: Fresh Picked

Take an musical trip to an imaginary strawberry patch.

Grade 1: Time for Strawberries

Learn to tell time with this sweet matching game.

Grade 2: How does a Strawberry Grow?

Cultivate your knowledge about growing this delicious fruit.

Grade K-2: Strawberry Plant Checkup

Word search puzzle to match the parts of a healthy plant.

Grade K-5: Just Ripe for Writing

Different ways to write about strawberries - try them all!

Grade 2-5: A Message From the Professor

Use the secret code to uncover a special strawberry message.

Grade 3: A Strawberry Harvest

Sort strawberry facts to build and share a sweet story.

Grade 3-5: U Pick Strawberry Puzzler

Use your strawberry knowledge for clues to a puzzle in a puzzle.

Grade 3-5: Growing Strawberries

Learn amazing facts about strawberries to solve the puzzle.

Grade 4-5: Strawberry Salsa? Sure!

Getting cooking in the kitchen, and exercise your math know-how, too.

Grade 4-5: More Than Just Sweet

Find out how strawberries are good for your body, too.

Letter for Parents

Get fresh news from the farm, and try a simple smoothie recipe.

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