Irrigation Management

California strawberry growers pioneered drip irrigation in our raised bed production systems.

Drip irrigation conserves significant amounts of water over other irrigation methods such as solid set sprinkler and microsprinkler systems.  Sustainable water management is a cornerstone of our growers’ best management practices for strawberry production.

California strawberry growers have numerous tools to help them optimize water delivery and scheduling for premium fruit quality such as flowmeters, soil moisture monitoring equipment, and scheduling tools. 


Irrigation is used not only for sustaining plant growth and fruit yield, but also to manage salinity. Strawberries are extremely sensitive to salt in both irrigation water and in the soil, so growers leach salts from the soil profile with carefully managed irrigation applications.

Educational Opportunities

CSC staff, in cooperation with UC Extension faculty conduct annual workshops geared towards growers, ranch managers, and irrigators to teach the basics of irrigation design and maintenance in both Spanish and English.