SB 252 (Dodd) Water wells: permits: critically overdrafted groundwater basins

March 10, 2017
irrigation management
SB 252 (Dodd): Senator Bill Dodd (Napa) has recently introduced Senate Bill 252 requiring an applicant for
a new well permit in a city or county overlying a critically overdrafted basin to comply with new application
provisions that would require each new well to go through a notice and comment period. In addition,
specific information included in the new application for a well permit would be made publicly available and
easily accessible prior to the approval process. The bill would prohibit a new water well from being
developed in a critically overdrafted basin except in compliance with these provisions and with specified
exceptions. Agriculture representatives and trade associations will continue to have meetings and
discussions with Senator Dodd and his staff on the impacts of this bill as it moves through the legislative
At this link: is the SB 232 fact sheet and the current bill language can be found
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