Berry Growers Commit to 100% Recycle-Ready Packaging

February 04, 2020
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On January 24, 2020, the California Strawberry Commission Board of Directors adopted an industry goal to use 100% recycle-ready clamshells by 2025. This commitment is part of a broader North American berry industry goal. In addition to the commission, partners include the North American Blueberry Council, National Berry Crops Initiative, and Aneberries. Additional South American partners include the Argentinean Blueberry Council, Chilean Blueberry Council, and ProArandandos (Peru).

Board Resolution

Berry Farming Commitment to Sustainable Packaging Goals

WHEREAS, farmers embodied the pioneer spirit of reduce, reuse, and recycle before those words became common place – using recycled content in berry packaging for more than two decades; and

WHEREAS, berry farmers are among the most efficient crops in North America – using less than 1% of the cropland to create the most produce sales in retail grocery stores; and

WHEREAS, California strawberries have led the berry category with over a century of agricultural innovation; and

WHEREAS, California strawberry farming began using clear plastic clamshells in the 1990’s to protect and preserve the fruit – enhancing food safety and reducing food waste; and

WHEREAS, California strawberry packaging increases consumer satisfaction by the ability to see packed fruit in a transparent plastic clamshell; and

WHEREAS, California strawberry clamshell use decreases greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of raw resources needed to make the packaging, and reducing fuel use with lightweight packaging making lighter loads; and

WHEREAS, PET thermoform clamshells used by California berry farmers contain the most California recycled content of any food package in the United States;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Strawberry Commission, in collaboration with North American Blueberry Council, Aneberries, members of the National Berry Crops Initiative, and South American berry associations, are committed to sustainable packaging innovation by:

    1. Continued support for composting paper packaging,
    2. Continued support for the use of recycled content in plastic packaging,
    3. Support for innovation in new materials development; and

      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that California strawberry growers, shippers and processors, commit to the complete transition to 100% recycle-ready clamshells by 2025, and

      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that California strawberry farmers call upon all consumers to recycle clear berry clamshells, so they can be used again to make new clamshells and fuel the engine of a circular economy, and generate jobs and economic benefits for local communities.

      Adopted by Unanimous Vote of the Board of Directors
      January 24, 2020
      Rick Tomlinson, President

      More information can be found at these links:
      Press Release: https://link.calstrawberry.com/o40
      Berry Sustainable Website: http://www.berrysustainable.com
      Issue Paper: https://link.calstrawberry.com/9r5

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