New Guidance: Paid Sick Leave

June 02, 2017
workforce development
The California Labor Commissioner has issued new guidance on the state's paid sick leave law (PSL). The guidance addresses questions concerning an employer's use of a "grandfathered" (existing) paid time off (PTO) plan to provide PSL, as well as the application of employer attendance policies when employees use PSL.
The new guidance takes into consideration the effect of an employer with a PTO policy or plan in place before the law went into effect on January 1, 2015. The guidance also explains that the PSL law addresses only the rate of pay. Finally, the guidance addresses PSL and employee attendance policies.
More information from the California Labor Commissioner can be found at this link:
The guidance only covers the state of California's PSL law. There are myriad local ordinances and state and federal disability and leave laws that may intersect with an employer's obligations under the state's PSL law.

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