Bug Vacuum

The use of bug vacuums and research conducted on the optimization of these for lygus bug management has improved the efficiency of these machines from 2-3% to over 15% uptake.

Optimization of these bug vacuums, including the addition of front plates, identification of the ideal ground and wind speed has led to widespread adoption for lygus control, reducing insecticide applications industry-wide.

For the recommended best management practices, see our production guideline:

Best Management Practices to Improve Bug Vacuums (English)

Buenas Prácticas de Manejo para Mejorar las Aspiradoras de Insectos (en Espanol

Double Barrel Bug Vacuum

California strawberry growers have included bug vacuums in their fields as part of their integrated pest management strategy (IPM) for the control of Lygus bug. Recently, a new, more efficient double-barrel bug vacuum has been shown to increase Lygus bug uptake by 2.3 times that of conventionally used vacuums. This is a result of the new vacuum’s increased airflow. Thank you to C&N Tractors for working with the California Strawberry Commission and the Cal Poly Strawberry Center on the fabrication and field testing of the double-barrel bug vacuum. Continue reading for design details that can be used for fabrication.

Lygus Bug Vacuuming for an Integrated Pest Management Program

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Item Vendor Part No. Lead Time
(1) Perforated Plate McMaster-Carr 9255T42 1 Week
(2) Fan Multi-wing 24/5-5/28.5/PAG/2ZR/JA .625 4 Weeks
(3) Motor Berendsen Fluid Power SNM2/17CI06MAF 4 Weeks
(4) Pump Spencer Fluid Power 421AK00708C 4 Weeks
(5) Speed Increaser Berendsen Fluid Power 8FC1403K1X 4 Weeks

How to assemble a Lygus bug vacuum (Part 1)

How to assemble a Lygus bug vacuum (Part 2)

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