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Importance of Sprayer Calibration for an Effective Pesticide Application

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Calibration Kit

Get the recommended materials to conduct your calibration. Each calibration kit includes:

  1. One bin
  2. Two pressure gauges with fittings
  3. Four measuring containers in ounces
  4. One ziplock bag with
    1. Three boxes of gloves
    2. Brush for cleaning nozzles
    3. Two safety goggles
  1. One clipboard
    1. Extra sheets of paper
    2. Pen
    3. CSC calibration worksheet
  2. Two Tyvek® suits
  3. Four flags
  4. One tape measure of 100 Feet
  5. One stop watch

To order a kit, please contact us:

Joy Jacobs

Santa Maria
Jason Sharrett

Ana Martinez

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